A letter from Fairness WV’s Executive Director: “I need your help…”

Friends of Fairness, Headshot of Andrew Schneider, executive director, asking for donations

We’re living in difficult times, and like many of you, Fairness West Virginia has changed the way we’re working in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue fighting every day to make West Virginia a more inclusive and welcoming place for LGBTQ people, and we’re shifting our public education programs online.

We’re planning several upcoming webinars to help teachers better support their LGBTQ students and to show healthcare professionals how to provide competent and compassionate care.

Our work was already underfunded before this pandemic, but now, we might not be able to raise enough money to keep this work going. We rely on donations from generous donors like you to stay afloat, and the donations have understandably slowed down. Right now, we’re fighting to make sure Fairness will still be here in a year.

Can we count on a donation from you in these trying times?

When this pandemic is over, we want to still be here fighting to make our state a better place for LGBTQ people. Your donations meant we were able to defeat every major anti-LGBTQ bill at the state legislature. Your donations helped us launch the state’s first comprehensive, interactive transgender health guide and make unprecedented strides in our fight to pass the Fairness Act.

West Virginians know how to rise to a challenge. We’ve done it for years, and we will continue to with this new challenge.

We’ll get through this together.

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