Graphic that reads "Trying to fix your birth certificate?"

Fairness WV is fighting the anti-transgender birth certificate ruling

The West Virginia Supreme Court ruled this summer that Circuit Court judges don’t have the authority to let a transgender person correct the gender listed on their birth certificate. Already, many transgender people have been denied the opportunity to correct this important ID document even though cisgender people are allowed to amend this document all the time. The court’s decision is archaic and discriminatory, and it seeks to require transgender people to pretend to be something other than the gender they are.

Fairness West Virginia is standing up for transgender Mountaineers and fighting back against this horrible decision. If a judge has denied your request to amend your birth certificate, or if you haven’t tried to make the change yet but want to, please fill out the form below.

Note: Your information will stay private and will only be shared with Fairness WV staff.