The hosts of the Sawbones podcast will be our keynote speaker this year!

As you’ve probably heard by now, we’ve been working hard to protect young LGBTQ people from the abusive practice of conversion therapy. No one should be in the business of trying to shame or humiliate an LGBTQ kid out of being who they are. Our work is finally paying off — Charleston became the first city in West Virginia to ban conversion therapy for minors last month!

The idea that there is anything wrong with LGBTQ people, that they need fixed, is a dangerous lie and we’re stepping up to speak the truth. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to trust the science. Every major medical association condemns conversion therapy, but somehow, countless young Mountaineers fall victim to this abuse every year.

I’m thrilled that someone with us on the frontlines fighting this misinformation, Dr. Sydnee McElroy, will be one of our speakers at our gala on Oct. 23! Dr. McElroy is one of the hosts of the Sawbones podcast, along with her husband Justin. Dr. McElroy is one of the most outspoken and fearless doctors in our community.

When out-of-state hate groups spread lies about young transgender people this year, Dr. McElroy was one of the first doctors to step up and help us. 

Listen to Sawbones’s episode on conversion therapy here.

It’s crucial that we have leaders like Dr. McElroy on our team to stand up for the truth. Just like all the misinformation spreading about COVID, anti-LGBTQ activists constantly spread lies about our community. These hate groups say it’s okay for doctors to give LGBTQ patients medicine to make them ill, or to subject them to electroshock therapy.

When you buy a ticket to a gala, you’re doing more than just RSVPing to the best party in Charleston. You’re funding our mission to stand up for what’s right, to speak truth to power, and to protect LGBTQ kids.

So don’t forget to join us at 6 p.m. on Oct. 23 at Embassy Suites in Charleston. And in the spirit of trusting the science, we’re planning to hold our gala with masks and social distancing. As always, we’re excited to offer a special discounted rate for a stay at Embassy Suites. Use code “FAI” here to book a room for $124 if you’ll be traveling from out of town.

I hope to see you there,

Andrew Schneider
Executive Director