Tell lawmakers to
VOTE NO on HB 4011

Republicans on the House Education Committee showed the world what Cancel Culture really is tonight. They canceled all debate on House Bill 4011, a terrible bill that will cancel any discussion of racism and sexism in our public schools that they don’t agree with. The bill’s sponsor claims this bill is about transparency in our schools — where’s the transparency in how damaging this bill is?

Here’s a radical idea: Slavery was an evil institution, and educators should be able to teach its history accurately and without government overreach. This bill won’t let them. This bill is essentially a gag order to all teachers across West Virginia. It’s message is loud and clear: Only teach the history we agree with, or we’ll cancel you.

The committee voted in favor of this bill, but our fight is far from over. Now, we have to turn our attention to the House Judiciary Committee — they’ll consider it next. If we can stop it there, we can stop it from going to the floor.

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