WV lawmakers want to outlaw lifesaving health care for trans youth

West Virginia lawmakers are running a bill that will lead to an increase in suicide among trans youth. House Bill 2007 will force parents and doctors to immediately halt the medically necessary, lifesaving treatment that many young trans people currently receive.

Doctors know this care is lifesaving because trans youth who receive it have 73 percent lower odds of considering suicide. If our state bans this care, we’re banning evidence-based suicide prevention.

The bill’s lead sponsor, Del. Geoff Foster, admitted during today’s House Judiciary Committee meeting that he still hasn’t spoken to any doctors who offer this care. If he did, he would have learned that every major medical association supports this care. He would have learned that families don’t rush into making these important life decisions — that it can sometimes take years to even make an appointment.

Let’s be clear: this bill is an attempt to erase trans people from West Virginia. We can’t sit by and let that happen. 

The bill passed out of the House Judiciary Committee this afternoon, and now it’s heading to the House floor for a vote. It’s time for action. Can you reach out to your delegate and tell them to oppose this attack?

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We have to make our lawmakers understand that they’re the only ones here putting our kids in danger. We need them to realize that, although the LGBTQ community is large and diverse, we will not sit back quietly as they threaten the health and safety of vulnerable youth.

If you want to come for trans kids, you’ll have to go through us first.