Tell lawmakers to oppose HB 2007!

Today, the Senate Health Committee approved a bill that bans gender-affirming care for transgender teens. House Bill 2007 started as a bill that only banned gender-affirming surgeries for transgender people under the age of 18 — a practice that does not occur in our state. Then, Delegates amended it to ban parents from accessing medically-necessary, lifesaving prescriptions for their children.

Doctors know this care is lifesaving because trans youth who receive it have 73 percent lower odds of considering suicide. If our state bans this care, we’ll be banning evidence-based suicide prevention. When we say that parental rights matter, that includes the right to fill your child’s prescriptions without 134 legislators standing in the way.

HB 2007 is heading to the Senate Judiciary Committee next, the final stop before it gets to the Senate floor for a final vote. Can you take a minute to contact members of Senate Judiciary and tell them to abandon this attack on trans youth? Use the form below to email every member of the committee. To make sure your message stands out and doesn’t get lost in a lawmaker’s inbox, customize the subject line and body of the sample text provided on the form.

Then, after you’ve emailed members of the committee, click here to see a list of every member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Call as many members as you can, and tell them to oppose HB 2007! The chairman of the committee, Sen. Charles Trump, can be reached at 304-357-7880.