A graphic that reads, "Tell WV Delegates to protect gender affirming care!'

Tell Delegates to oppose House Bill 5297!

The House of Delegates is considering a bill on Wednesday that bans all gender affirming care for minors across the state. We need your help right now to defeat this bill. Can you contact your delegate and tell them to vote no? At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a form that allows you to email them in less than a minute!

As you might recall, WV lawmakers have already severely restricted gender affirming care for people under the age of 18. They passed a bill last year, House Bill 2007, that effectively bans this care for most young people who are transgender. The bill left a very small exception for young people who have been diagnosed with “severe gender dysphoria” by multiple doctors. Up to 2 percent of kids in this country identify as transgender, and in any given year a third of them may attempt suicide. Researchers found that trans youth who access gender-affirming hormone therapy have 73 percent lower odds of considering suicide. This bill bans evidence-based suicide prevention.

This entire legislative session, our lawmakers have been talking about the importance of protecting parental rights. And yet this bill strips parents of the right to ensure their children can receive the medically-necessary, life-saving care they need to lead happy, healthy lives.