The legislative session will end soon, at midnight on March 9, but our work isn’t finished yet. We’re coming up on an important legislative deadline and we need your help to defeat three bills.


HB 5297 — Ending Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Adolescents

Our delegates are ramming this bill, House Bill 5297, through the legislative process as fast as they can. It’s so late in the session, they’ve even denied our request for a public hearing.

Our lawmakers have already basically banned all gender-affirming care for transgender people under the age of 18. But the law they adopted last year left open a very narrow exception that allows trans youth with severe gender dysphoria — young people at risk of self harm or suicide — to continue receiving care if their parents and a team of doctors agree it is in their best interest.

This is an extremely harmful bill that our lawmakers shouldn’t adopt. More than 500 — that’s right, more than 500 — health care providers from across our state have signed a letter opposing the bill. Up to 2 percent of kids in this country identify as transgender, and in any given year a third of them may attempt suicide. Researchers found that trans youth who access gender-affirming hormone therapy have 73 percent lower odds of considering suicide.

The bill will be on third reading tomorrow in the House of Delegates, and we could really use your help right now to defeat it. Click the button below to email your delegate right now in less than a minute!


SB 601 — The “Women’s Fake Bill of Rights”

All session, we’ve been fighting the “Women’s Fake Bill of Rights” that came out of the House of Delegates. You know the story already — it includes no protections for women, it only attacks transgender Mountaineers.

Well the House passed its version of the bill that included language to finally make it illegal to sexually abuse your spouse. That was a positive change, but the Senate is running its own version of a bill without that provision. The bill will be voted on tomorrow in the Senate.

Can you email senators right now and tell them to vote no on SB 601? Use the button below to use our action alert form — it takes less than a minute!


HB 4233 — Banning Non-Binary From Birth Certificates

The Senate will hold a final vote on House Bill 4233 tomorrow. This bill bans “non-binary” from being listed on a child’s birth certificate. Although current rules already don’t allow that to be listed on birth certificates, there’s absolutely no reason to support this bill.

Trans people need accurate and consistent IDs to open bank accounts, start new jobs, enroll in school and travel. But that process is already complicated and sometimes prohibitively expensive. All Mountaineers, regardless of how they identify, should be welcomed and accepted in our state. And all of us deserve IDs that reflect who we really are.

If you click the button below, you’ll be able to email Senators quickly and tell them to oppose this bill. Then, you can encourage them to support House Bill 5622, a bill that would allow “X” to be listed on most forms of ID, instead of only “M” or “F.”