Fairness West Virginia is proud to officially launch our new Safe & Healthy Schools Initiative! With this exciting new program, we’re going to dramatically expand our work to build a culture of LGBTQ inclusivity in schools across the Mountain State.

The Safe and Healthy Schools Initiative began concrete development in August 2022 after many long conversations with stakeholders. Ongoing surveys of youth, families, allies, and educators add to our understanding of stakeholder needs. LGBTQ youth who have at least one accepting adult in their lives are 40 percent less likely to attempt suicide.  We will build a coalition across WV so every student has multiple caring adults to rely on.

We operate with the lofty goal of creating a Toolkit containing the key ingredients schools need to create places where all students can learn in a safe and healthy environment and to be a comprehensive resource for youth, their families, and their allies to ensure that they too have access to best practices and information.

The Toolkit and its resources will increase everyone’s ability to support one another and assist youth in their academic, social and emotional journeys. The Toolkit and these resource pages are living entities and will be added to and updated as needed.  Thank you for reaching out to us and helping us make this Initiative and Toolkit possible.

Paula Kerner, Program Manager for Safe and Healthy Schools.

Browse through the Safe and Healthy Schools Toolkit to access all of the amazing information, lessons, and links.

Safe and Healthy Schools Toolkit July 29, 2023

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