Oppose SB 13

Tell our Senators to VOTE NO on Senate Bill 13 — “License to Discriminate in Foster Care”

Members of the Senate Health and Human Resources Committee are considering Senate Bill 13, which would give free license to discriminate against LGBTQ children and families on the basis of “sincerely held religious beliefs.” It would allow child welfare agencies funded by OUR tax dollars to:

– Refuse emergency help to LGBTQ teenagers who are victims of abuse or neglect
– Refuse to place children with loving LGBTQ parents
– Refuse counseling to LGBTQ families
– It could be devastating for single-parent families if child welfare workers feel only married couples can raise children
– Much, much more

Thanks to your help, we’ve been able to delay a vote on this bill, but that ISN’T ENOUGH. Use the tool below to quickly send an email to EVERY member of the committee, then call to let them know you oppose SB 13!