Tell our Senators to VOTE NO on Senate Bill 341 — Sports Discrimination

Members of the Senate Education Committee may pass a bill this week that bans transgender girls from participating in school sports. This bill won’t just hurt transgender girls, though. It would allow anyone to demand “proof” that your child athlete is not transgender. That means your daughter would be forced to undergo an invasive genital exam and genetic testing — which you will have to pay for out of pocket. This bill will encourage everyone to further scrutinize whether the young women in our life look feminine enough.

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and how it will hurt ALL of our kids.

Senate Bill 341 is just plain wrong. All of our kids deserve a chance to practice the sport they love, learn about teamwork and build self-confidence. Trans girls deserve to learn those valuable life skills, too. Fill out the form below and you can quickly email EVERY member of the WV Senate and tell them to vote against this dangerous bill.