A photo of a group of young people marching in a Pride parade, with the caption "#YouBelongHere" at the bottom of the image.

Across the country, LGBTQ youth are under attack. Politicians have proposed a laundry list of hateful bills that target our community — especially transgender and nonbinary folks. Our team wants to push back against this rhetoric and remind the young members of our community that they belong in West Virginia.

We’ve launched the #YouBelongHere campaign to make sure that LGBTQ youth in the Mountain State know just how loved and supported they are by our community. We’re collecting notes of support, love and affirmation — and you can help us! This page will be updated throughout the year with all of the messages we receive.

There are two ways you can join in this campaign:

1. Visit our booth at Pride — Stop by our table at your local Pride event to craft a handwritten #YouBelongHere message. Not sure when a Pride event is happening near you? Click here to find out.

2. Submit your message online — Click here to submit your own digital #YouBelongHere message and we’ll add it to the wall!

Once you’ve submitted your message, help us spread the word!